14 Quirky Gifts You Can Give Your Loved Ones This V-Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and couples all around the world have been prepping up surprises to express their love for their significant other. But you don’t necessarily need to have a bae with you in order to celebrate love month because love is a universal force that unites us all in this world.

In case you’re clueless what gift to give the people who matter to you, StyleGenie surveyed the web for these 14 quirky gifts you can give your loved ones this V-Day to help spread the love of the season.

Let’s start with us, ladies.



It is said that scent is the sexiest asset anyone can wear be it on a date night or regular day. A fragrant scent is what draws us to a person. So this coming Valentine’s Day, give your friend the power to enchant her way in anything with one of her favorite perfume or cologne brands. Let her scent speak a thousand charms and win everyone’s heart this V-Day.


If you’re very familiar with your friend’s measurements, then give her a piece of sexy lingerie like a camisole, a nightgown, and even a bra. You read that right, ladies! You can give your best gal a bra as long as you know her cup size to keep her jewels in place. What better time to flaunt our sexy selves other than this month of love!

Pajama Set

Pack in the bag a pajama set for those overnight stays in a hotel or elsewhere. Stay fashion forward even on bed while chillin’ on Netflix or having that heartwarming girl talk over wine and cheese. Your friend will surely have a good snooze in the most comfy set.

Aromatic Bath Salts

Self-care is probably the best gift you can give your best girlfriend. Let her soak herself up in a tub filled with aromatic bath salts to help ease those tired muscles after a long day’s work. She’ll definitely appreciate a homemade spa treatment fit for a queen.

Shower Gel and Lotion Set

This is a foolproof gift you can give any girl and would surely be an instant hit. Let your BFF or bae pamper herself every bath time with a fragrant shower gel and lotion set. You’ll not only help keep her skin smelling nice but also lusciously soft and moisturized.

Lip Mask/Gel

Adios, chapped lips! Prepare the pout for a kiss with a set of lip mask/gel for that ultra-hydrating effect that will help the lips be ready for a night of smooching.

Set of Oil Blotting Sheets and Mints

In case you want to help your BFF prep up for a date night, give her a pouch with a set of oil blotting sheets and mints - a must-have in every girl’s purse on a date night. Help her keep her face matte-finished with the sheets. Those mints will surely come in handy in case the date ends with a kiss.


Check out these cute gift ideas that can also help in making him special this season of love.

Craft Beer

Order from a specialty store or online shop a keg or case of craft beer for your best male bud. Beer is something that most guys would like to have on casual affairs and even while watching TV. Cheers!


We’re not kidding here. Who doesn’t love bacon? The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Buy your best male friend a rasher of bacon, and he will surely love you for it.

Personalized Cookie/Chocolate Bar

In case you fancy someone and would want to drop a hint this coming V-Day, send your message on a personalized cookie or chocolate bar. Go ahead and bake that scrumptious cookie yourself and pipe your message on it. Create that delectable chocolate bar and shape it on an “I LOVE YOU” mold, or print your message on the wrap. Anyone who receives this treat will surely gush and get giddy.

Shave Kit

We want those facial hairs tamed and even styled neatly. Help him love his beard and keep it soft and groomed with a shaving kit.

Solid Cologne

While solid cologne is not particularly that popular in usage, they are more practical to carry around because you can easily stuff them in a suitcase, gym bag, or backpack. Because they are solid and come in tin cans, they contain more moisturizing compounds and don’t carry with them those nasty alcohol-based liquids often present in perfumes. As such, they give a guy an understated scent that leaves a redolent trail for hours. Smell is like clothing by itself.

Sneaker Care Kit

Keep his kicks clean and in tip-top shape with a sneaker care kit that’s complete with cleaning solutions and brush. His sneakers are sure to look dashing even when on the go.

Boxer Shorts

Choose boxer shorts with one of his fave brands and designs or get one with quirky prints. A guy would surely appreciate this comfortable and practical gift on Hearts Day.

You need not to splurge on any kind of grand gift or gimmick this coming Valentine’s Day in order to get your love across. All you need is a sincere heart that’s packed with all the thought and love for the special people in your life.

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