5 Dress-Slim Secrets Revealed!

You better watch out! You better not cry. Have you been naughty or nice? This festive season got you merry, drunk and most of all - full from all the gastronomic celebrations. With all these shenanigans, we are pretty sure you’ve had no time to exercise anymore. Did the gym sent you an ‘I Miss You’ card already? Kidding aside. You might have gained a few pounds or so this season! Have you been thinking of what to wear to cover your cute tummy or wobbly arms? Don’t worry, here are some wardrobe-slim secrets:

1. Drop waist dress will do the trick

Give your fitted outfits a vacation leave! A drop waist dress doesn’t cling around your tummy area so you’re safe ;)

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2. Off-shoulder top is the key

Hide the all arm insecurities with an off-shoulder top. This stylish top will surely give an emphasis on your pretty face.

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3. Statement sweatshirt & leggings can be your best friends

Statement tops & leggings are reliable fashion pieces that will make you feel comfortable in any day. You’ll easily rock this get-up!

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4. Overalls can be a good way to disguise

Layerings is an impressive way to disguise a belly. You can playfully pair basics with long dresses and cardigans.

5. Wrap Dress gives a fabulous touch

Enhance and conceal your body shape with a wrap dress! This simple outfit speaks more than any refined garments ever could.

We’re pretty sure these style tips and tricks will help you with your wardrobe dilemmas! Now, girlfriend, complete your holiday cheer with a Surprise-Me box from StyleGenie 💜

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