5 Investment Pieces to Own

As Carrie Bradshaw once said: “I like my money where I can see it - hanging in my closet.” She definitely knows how a well-curated wardrobe can be like a blue-chip investment we can count on in the future. Think of your closet earning interest as the years go by. It can also be like a fashion heirloom for future generations in your family.

While we need to have our basic and statement pieces in our wardrobe, we also need this layer called investment pieces. Let’s be honest. It can be quite overwhelming to see the price tag we have to pay for a luxury item. But if we choose our purchases well, we won’t have to play the market in order to be assured of a ROI.

As with any investment, it’s quality over quantity. Go for a luxurious iconic bag over a bag that needs to be replaced just after six months of use. We can bet our bottom dollar on classic and timeless pieces because they will never be outdated, thus more value for our buck. We can also put our skin in the game with a product-created by a well-known designer-that has been selling for years. Lastly, pick a piece that can be worn in at least three ways, on different occasions, or throughout the year. Because investment pieces command the highest price when resold, be ready for upkeep. This means dry-cleaning, resoling, keeping the fabric intact, etc. Don’t throw away the dust-bags and boxes. They are just as important as their content.

To know what pieces to buy, StyleGenie gives you a run-down of the pieces that show money in the closet.

1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Any piece of authentic jewelry as an investment piece-gold, diamonds, precious stones, gems-does not need any justification. They have an innate value that can command any price in the market. Jewelry always fits any outfit and any occasion. It gives the finishing touch to our wardrobe for that additional sparkle and dazzle to help us stand out in any place.

2. In the Bag

A haute bag is probably an investment piece that is easiest to maintain. It all boils down to the brand. Choose a piece from a well-established designer because that designer is more likely to use high-quality material along with skilled craftsmanship in the design and bag structure. Neutral tones and enduring shapes are on the money. Make sure that the bag is in mint condition when resold to cash in your chips.

3. Rule the Roost

A power suit gives the upper hand not only in the boardroom but in the wallet as well. Pick a high-quality fabric suit that is perfect to wear all-year round. Worsted wool and cotton twill assure excellent quality. Make sure that the suit has lining, straight hems, and with all the pockets, collars, and buttons lying smoothly on the main fabric itself. Blazers and coats are just as good investment pieces as suits.

4. What Time is It?

Time is indeed precious with an investment watch. The resell price of watches depends highly on the model and material used. You’ll be paying through your nose for limited and one-of-a-kind timepieces that are resold in the market or auctions.

5. Fill the Shoes

Leather is the key when investing in a good pair of shoes. Look for essential details like padding under the insole and ball of the foot. Invest on neutral tones and classic styles like ballet flats, boots, and high-heeled pumps. You won’t be down-at-the-heels with a high-end designer pair.

Investment pieces are eternal pieces which you can easily incorporate with any existing items you have in your wardrobe. Let StyleGenie help you curate your closet to make your investment pieces be a standout in your fashion ensemble.

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