5 Reasons Why You Should Shop for Clothes Online

The best things in life need not necessarily be difficult to acquire. At this day and age when everything is just a click away because of the Internet, lives have become relatively easier. The boom of smartphones and tablets has also enabled Internet users to purchase items at the click of their fingertips. The Internet has now become a great niche of all kinds of sources.

A study released by MasterCard in 2014 states that more Filipinos are now veering towards the Internet for online shopping. The study also revealed that three in every five of Filipinos (59%) in the online world has accessed the Internet to shop. Furthermore, MasterCard also discovered that 31% of the population included in the survey, has purchased clothing, not to mention airfare tickets, home appliances and electronics, hotel accommodations, and even computer software. Lastly, Filipino respondents of the study stated that they are satisfied with their online shopping experience.

One thing that, us, ladies truly love is shopping for our #OOTD. But with a busy schedule, shopping can sometimes be tedious with all the traffic and crowds in malls. Fret not, online shopping, specifically, personal styling like, has become available with just a click of the button. So it comes as no surprise that the following benefits below have definitely been experienced by an online shopper. Ladies, let’s start clicking!

  1. Convenience

Shopping is not bounded by geography anymore. You can sit in front of your computer or with your tablet/smartphone on hand and click your way from one site to another 24/7 while in your PJs. This saves you time and effort from having to drive to a mall and hop from one store to the next. You can even make purchases from abroad. There is also no waiting time in long queues at the checkout counter because anything you purchase is delivered right to your doorstep. Lastly, you won’t have to deal with pushy sales people who make you buy unnecessary things.

  1. Savings

Driving to the mall to shop means that you’d have to spend on gas or fare, including time and effort to get to your destination. And while in the mall shopping, you might be tempted to eat in a restaurant or buy other things you don’t really need. Doing your shopping online saves you gas money or fare, which you can then add to your spending money for a purchase.

  1. Plethora of Choices

Surf your way to different sites, and you will be given a spectrum of choices that are not limited to local and physical stores. You get to have the latest international trends without spending any airfare. Plus, there is a greater selection of colors, sizes, and styles that best fit your personality. Some online stores offer provisions for items out of stock and deliver them when stocks are replenished. You get to see also the reviews of other people about the products and service of a site.

  1. Bargain Deals

Everybody loves a good deal, especially discounts. Discounts come in coupons and sometimes codes so take advantage of them. Some stores offer free shipping of products like It’s best to do your online shopping from Wednesday to Friday because retailers roll out their sales and discount codes on those days. But with, you don’t need to wait for those days because it offers right away discount codes at the end of each article for your personalized gift box of style. This gives huge amounts of savings of your hard-earned money.

  1. The Gift of Style

Gifts make anyone feel good! Your personalized styling from comes in a premium quality box, so you would feel that your personal style and preferences have been well-thought of by the slate of stylists here. Gift-giving has now also become easier because you can send a box as a gift for your BFF, relative, or someone special in your life as long as you are familiar with their style preference. You can also opt to purchase e-gift cards for them!

So go ahead and navigate your way into the website and create your style profile, use the given discount code at the end of this article, and receive your very first personalized gift box of style—the StyleGenie Surprise-Me Box. Shazuums!

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