7 Chic Ways to Style Your Plain White Shirt

A white tee is a staple in everybody’s closet, but sometimes it can get boring and repetitive. Fortunately, white tees are so versatile; you can dress them up or down, layer them under other pieces—pretty much however you please. Whether you’re looking for a feminine, classy, athletic or street style, a crisp white tee can complement any look. In case you’re stuck on how to style one, here are a few tips on how you can wear a white tee to make any outfit look chic!


If you prefer a look with attitude, pair a white tee with leather. Throw your favorite biker jacket over your shoulders, slip on a pair of leather pants, or step into a pair of leather boots, and you’ll give off a totally badass vibe!


White on White

I love a monochromatic look, and an all-white outfit makes you look crisp and fresh. You may think the color is unforgiving on lumps and bumps, but if you wear the right fabric, wearing white can elongate your body and make you appear thinner and taller. (Check out our blog on tips on how to dress taller and slimmer.) If white on white is too much for you, tone it down with a denim jacket or accentuate it with a pop of color.



If you want to wear a slip dress or overalls, and are too nervous about it looking scandalous by itself, layering a white tee under those pieces is a great way to tone down the sexiness, while also going back to the ‘90s trend. Opt for high-neck or polo neck tees so it doesn’t compete with the line of the overalls or dress, and to add sophistication to the overall look. A white tee and slip dress combo is a super breezy choice for the hot Philippines weather!


Statement Piece

When you want to flaunt a statement piece, a white tee is the perfect pairing because the two elements won’t clash. Whether it’s a jacket, necklace, or skirt, you want that to steal the show—not the t-shirt. Combining a statement article with a loud shirt is too overbearing and will disrupt the harmony of the outfit. Stick with one focal point so your outfit looks balanced.



An effortless combo is wearing a white tee and denim for casual outings: going to the airport, walking around campus, or running errands, etc. Wear an acid wash or a different color if regular blue denim is too boring for you, switch up the leg or sleeve style, wear denim with embellishments or rips, wear a kimono with a fun print, or wrap a flannel around your waist if you think the look is too basic.


Office Wear

Office wear is the perfect example of how you can dress up a white tee. If the AC in your office is always blasting, you’ll want to bring a jacket with you just in case it gets chilly. Pairing a white tee with a camel coat, trousers, and strappy heeled sandals make for perfect work style. If your office celebrates casual Friday, a white tee and a blazer can do wonders to make jeans or joggers look professional, while also feeling comfy. You can also pair a white tee with a pencil skirt, statement jacket, and lace-up shoes for a well put together and classic look.



Another casual look is the white tee and joggers/sweats combo. Don’t shy away from this option if you think you’ll look like you just rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing you saw. Joggers can be added to any look to look chic, whether you’re just lounging around at home or dressing it up for office wear. This piece is very versatile; you can achieve any look you desire—rocker, sporty, dressy, etc. They’re super comfy, and when paired with a white tee, you’ll basically be wearing pajamas while still looking put together!


A white tee is an essential that every girl has in her wardrobe, but is often underestimated. White tees don’t have to be bland; there are so many different possibilities to include one into a look and make it stylish. I encourage you to have fun with your white tee, and play around in your closet to create different looks depending on your mood or the day. Invest in a good t-shirt, and it will last you years and through many fabulous outfits! As always, feel free to use my code ‘NGHI4SG’ for 10% off your box.

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