7 Desk-to-Date Outfit Ideas From Celebrities You Can Easily Pull Off

The guy you’ve been fancying for quite some time now has finally asked you out on a date! You know that you have to put your best foot forward in order to make the first impressions last for a potential S.O. Unfortunately, the date you both agreed on for a romantic rendezvous falls on a weekday. A conundrum now that you ask yourself is how in the world will you prepare for your important date given the limited amount of time to move from work to date night?

It’s all about transition. It’s a matter of shedding a layer of clothing you’re wearing at work and swapping office shoes or flats for killer heels, donning accessories, and retouching your makeup appropriate for the night’s affair.

Check out these work-to-date ensembles from some of our favorite celebrity style inspirations! You can easily pull these off in order to shake off those first-date jitters and slay the night with your most fashionable self.

Say it with Layers


Your blazer, tweed jacket, or cardigan is your BFF while at work because it creates a professional demeanor in dealing with your boss, clients, and co-workers. What else could be sexier in this world other than a woman who exudes power and authority at work! What’s hidden underneath your jacket should serve as the main attraction of the night. Shed off that layer the moment you clock-out from work.

Little Black Dress


You can never go wrong with this perennial classic. An all-black ensemble is always a fail-safe look. Simply layer it with a colored tweed to achieve that polished and chic look for work. Choose a black dress with a hint of lace to send out the demure and sexy vibe which would surely leave your date enthralled. Jazz up your overall look with a subtle piece of jewelry and strut your way into the resto in those high heels.

Power Dress with Sheath

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Get that lady boss look in a boardroom presentation with a sheath dress. Pair your sheath dress seamlessly with a solid cardigan or blazer to show authority at work, along with pointy-toe pumps and work tote. Take off that layer the moment you leave for your much-awaited date and trade your work tote for a lovely purse.

Crop it up on Top

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Yes, a crop top can be worn to work on top of a collared shirt. Leave the collared-shirt untucked and pair it with a pencil cut skirt. Look preppy and sexy in the office despite being fully-covered. You can also opt to wear a high-waist pencil cut skirt to hide your skin. Then on your special night out, take off the collared shirt and bare some midriff skin to show off your alluring curves.

Bring in Sexy Back

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Dare to bare some skin underneath a tight-knit sweater on your date night. Wear a backless dress or one with a plunging neckline and cover up your skin with a tight-knit sweater while in the office. Make sure that your dress is long enough and has a tight-fit top; otherwise, it’ll form lumps underneath your cover. Tie your look together with a narrow belt. Then when you go see your beau, flirt with your sexy side by leaving the sweater in the office and showing off your sexy back.

Rocker Chic

Show your punk-rock side by dressing up in skinny leather pants, silk camisole, boots, and with your ever-trusted formal blazer for the workplace. Then when the clock hits the happy hour, ditch the blazer and head on to impress your date with your chic and sassy self.

Cute in a Mini

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While the mini skirt may always spell fun and flirt in your date night endeavor, it can also work well as an office attire when paired with a sleeveless top, blazer, and some low-key flats. You can also add some warmth to your legs by wearing tights. Take off the tights come night time to reveal your beautiful legs accentuated by your high-heeled shoes.

But dressing up is just a part of your overall ensemble. Remember to accessorise and some some pizzazz with a hint of makeup.

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