Celebrate a stunning JanWOWry with Rione Palacios!

Out with the old, in with the new! A fabulous 2017 to everyone. New year, new trends. We know you’ve been thinking of style resolutions. Are you ready for a fresh new look this year? Prepare to shake things up as we are bringing you a stunning JanWOWry experience with style expert Rione Palacios. With a diverse background in fashion and beauty, Rione worked as a personal shopper & stylist for a high-end lifestyle boutique and moved on to becoming a beauty expert as trainer for a top cosmetics brand. He is now a fashion and beauty writer for well-known print and online media publications. You’ll surely sparkle and dazzle with Rione’s style expertise that will be made especially for you.

Rione Palacios

Who's your favorite style icon? Why?

For the ladies, it will have to be Audrey Hepburn. Her style was always simple and clean, and then stamped with a rich, striking detail. Her basic LBD, for example, was accessorized with gloves, or a string of pearls, or oversized sunglasses, or a chic hat. And these are all powerfully stylish looks. That’s why her style image has endured all these years. For the men, it’s Tom Ford. He’s impeccably dressed always. There’s no debating that.

What's your fashion mantra? 

Less is more. Nothing too much going on. Wear the clothes. Don’t let the clothes wear you. My fashion solution is always classic styles with a twist via an unexpected detail to keep things interesting and put a personal stamp on a look. My look, as I put it, is ‘long, lean, clean, pristine.' Pat Henson

What's the most common problem of your clients?

It’s always finding something to wear for a certain occasion or not knowing what would fit them and where to find these looks. There are experts in this field. That’s why there are stylists like us. The ability to source these items and make sure they look good on our client is the job of the stylist.

What was the most successful styling project you've had?

For me, it was having three models based in Europe shoot their look book and portfolio with me producing the photo shoot and styling all three of them for different looks. That was so gratifying, professionally. KC Del Rosario 2

Why do you love styling people?

I think styling has taken on a bit of a bad name of late because almost every other fashion person claims to be a stylist. Even with that, what I love about styling is its transformative power, that ability to change perceptions based on how one dresses.

What's the fun part of your job?

The fun part of the job is getting to meet different kinds of people, learning from them and how their individual tastes play out as the project progresses. Meeting celebrities and personalities of note and forging connections with them is a great job perk. Bela Padilla

If you were to style a famous celebrity, who could this be?

Dream Hollywood client would be Gwyneth Paltrow. Locally, it would be nice to style KC Concepcion (again!) and have her lock on to a look that's uniquely hers.

What's your fashion mission for your StyleGenie clients?

As with any styling job, it’s always about making the client look her best but not to the point that she becomes a clothes horse in that she loses her personal style. For me it’s always about letting the client’s individual taste shine through via my guidance as the featured stylist for StyleGenie this January. Rione is launching his style blog this January. Follow him on IG via @le_skinny_bitch to get the latest buzz on style. He's got you covered. Let the start of this year be the motivation you need to explore and try more style trends. Promise, you won’t regret it! May this year be full of fashionable surprises for you! Order at now and we’ll take care of your closet wishes ☺️  

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