Celebrity Stylist Ica Villanueva brings out the best in you this December!

The Yuletide season is here! Are you ready for this month's festivities? Worry no more! You'll surely have fabulous outfits this month as celebrity stylist Ica Villanueva goes onboard StyleGenie to help you #BeInYourDecemBEST :)
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Who's your favorite style icon? Why?

Karla Deras and Rihanna because their style is effortlessly sexy. They wear even a simple white shirt with so much sophistication!

What's your fashion mantra? 

Always go with the classic pieces as these never go out of style.

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What's the most common problem of your clients?

Most of my celebrity clients are conscious with their size. Sometimes, people forget that celebrities are also human beings: their size and weight changes over time. As a stylist, I'm always up for the challenge of curating the fashion pieces that will complement their body type without compromising their style.

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What was the most successful styling project you've had?

I was very privileged to be the official stylist of the movie "Suddenly, It's Magic" starring Thai Superstar Mario Maurer and ABS-CBN actress Erich Gonzales. I enjoyed styling all the local and foreign talents in the movie. It was also a fun experience to travel to Ilocos and Thailand and learn different work cultures.

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Why do you love styling people?

I love how styling people affect their confidence. When I was in college, I used to help friends, schoolmates and professors shop for clothes. I also managed 'Shopperone', a buy-and sell business where I scout for clothes from thrift shops and factory outlets. The greatest feeling and reward for me was when I did a makeover for my friend and her reaction was: "Ang sarap pala nang feeling na tinitignan ka ng ibang tao".

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What's the fun part of your job?

From the creative to traditional, my job allowed me to meet a lot of people. I'm happy to have established a strong bond of friendship with them.

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If you were to style a celebrity, who could this be?

I'd love to style Rihanna! Her style is so edgy and sexy at the same time.

What's your fashion mission for your StyleGenie clients?

I want my StyleGenie clients to feel confident and beautiful without spending too much!

It's indeed a season to be jolly! Time to place your closet wishes on today.

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