Dress to Impress your Valentine’s Date

The much-awaited hearts day is fast approaching! We’re pretty sure that you’ve been wanting to flaunt that perfect outfit for your special someone.  

Have you shopped your outfit yet? Don’t worry if you’re one of the busy dolls - no matter what kind of date you’re planning, we’ve got the style pegs you need as you update your Style Profile with your clothing wishes.

Intimate Dinner for Two

Wearing a red dress on Valentine’s will never go out of style, and so is matching them with red stilettos to complete that sultry look. Take a cue from actress-singer, Hailee Steinfeld, and opt for animal prints to add personality to an already striking look!

Brunch in the City

Valentine’s Day falls on a workday this year which makes it quite difficult for busy dolls to spend time with their significant other. For a quick brunch date in the city, go for a flowy dress that’s appropriate for an office-date-office kind of day!

Museum Date

Walking around museums can be pretty tedious, so make sure to wear comfortable clothes when you’re out appreciating art. Tip: color-coordinating with the museum decor is a bonus for your Instagram content!

Theme Park Date

Brave the sun and wear something that’s easy to move in like this cute denim dress! Theme parks are fun and perfect for dates but you can’t deny that they can be a bit of a hassle - lining up for everything, sweating, getting your hair all over the place, etc.

Singles Night Out

And who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? If your girls are planning on painting the town red, stand out and opt for sparkly pieces that would look cute when the strobe lights hit you on the dancefloor!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

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