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Our featured stylist for this month made us believe that dreams don’t work unless you do. Gela Muñoz, a Candy girl at heart, fought hard for her career and passion. From winning a styling competition to working with Pia Wurtzbach, this millennial stylist is unstoppable from giving her best to make her clients look and feel good.

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We know that you style, vlog, and design. How do you balance work and passion? 

It's all about prioritizing - which has a closer deadline, which project can afford to be on hold, or if what you're about to do is worth the time you'll be spending. It is also a big exercise on time management (my biggest enemy), commitment, and learning to also rest. It isn't always easy, but you have to remember to work hard to fuel the dream and take a breather every now and then.

How did you start your career in the fashion industry? 

It started very organically. It was a year since I graduated college and I was still figuring out what career was the one for me. One day, I stumbled upon a mall ad for their first ever styling competition. Long story short, I bagged first runner-up, did my first print gig with Philippine Star and started getting jobs since then. 

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What were your struggles when you were starting as a stylist and what was the most remarkable milestone for you?

One of my struggles was having to reaffirm my parents about this non-conventional career choice. Another, was going about pulling out from big name brands and companies that newbie stylist can't really get a hold of unless they had connections. For my remarkable milestone, it was definitely working for Candy Magazine. I have always been a Candy Girl at heart and to actually get to style for them, get featured in their glossy pages, become friends with fellow freelancers / the Candy team and represent Candy as well, was such a dream come true. Styling for Candy also opened doors to a lot of other opportunities.

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 And lastly, styling and working with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach was also an unforgettable milestone for me! 

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Why do you love styling people? 

Style is an extension of someone's unique personality. It is also an expression of an idea or feeling that you have in your mind that you want to show through your clothes. I want to help people express this in the best possible way and even help them find it - in some cases. I also love seeing how certain colors, silhouettes, and trends all come together in a single outfit. Also, beyond this expression mission, I just want to help people feel good about themselves through clothes, and look extra great while they're at it.

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Name your top three clothing must-haves. 

Perfect fitting: dark blue jeans, white dress shirt, and sleek black boots.
 What’s the most stylish gift for you this Christmas?  A high-quality statement purse (that you can use for 2018) and high cut Chuck Taylors.

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What style do you think would trend this 2018? 

Calling it - puffer jackets, wallet chains as accessories, more of the 80s office wear pieces we've been seeing everyone wearing lately, Chinese silk patterns, and star prints on anything and everything.

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