Fill your closet with cute pieces from the Comfy K-Style Capsule!

To all the K-drama fans, closeted or not, this is the style capsule for you! Relive your dreams of becoming the star in one of your favorite K-Drama shows by copping the style of your idols! You’ll never know, you might meet the guy of your dreams with this outfit of yours.

But even if you’re not a K-drama fan, the Comfy K-Style style capsule is still perfect for you with its versatility and comfort. Layer up on each piece to have that cute and effortless look! The clothes in this capsule have the right balance of girly and tomboy. Just mix and match the pieces for a casual hangout with friends to a cute date night outfit. You can never go wrong with this look!

Our goal for our different style capsules is to give you an introduction into a minimalist lifestyle with up to 10 different pieces of clothing that are essential to your wardrobe. Having a minimalist lifestyle means you’re living with less and being able to get rid of things that are excessive.

Our Comfy K-style Capsule is here to give you a playful take on your closet and get ready to express yourself with less! Are you up for the challenge? Model Lisette Bendicion shows of the K-Style pieces you need in your closet!






Your Comfy K-Style Capsule is waiting for you! Order now. 

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