Find the Perfect Sneakers that Match Your Wardrobe

Want to join in on the sneaker trend taking over the fashion world but don’t know exactly how to incorporate it into your wardrobe? Worry no more, we're sharing the sneaker and outfit combos that can save you from being in the Fashion Hall of Shame. 


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We love a monochromatic look as much as we love Jess Connelly’s style. Being a brand ambassadress for Converse, she wears pink sneakers that match her ensemble--from head to toe, we give this look 5 out of 5 stars!


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Who says sneakers are only for sporty girls? Break the rules and pair it with your favorite blazer and locks combination, just like Jan Aranilla!


Since we’re already on the topic of breaking the rules, take a cue from Eleven, herself, and don your favorite white low-cut sneakers with a feminine dress!


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Of course, we’re not going to shy away from colors. Take a cue from Maine Mendoza and try wearing your colored sneakers with a sporty ensemble that matches its color.


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This last one’s for the short girls at the back! The platform sneakers will do the trick as it adds extra inches to your height. Just like what Arci Munoz did here to appear like she and her bandmates are around the same height.

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