Flattering Styles for Your Body Type

Dressing up is about balance. That’s right—the balance we need in our lives includes the way we dress. It requires you to be thoughtful about your wardrobe, keeping in mind the size, fit and drape of clothes you wear. It also requires you to wear outfits that create the illusion of balanced proportions.

Here’s a quick compilation of the basics for budding Filipina stylistas:

The Ruler

Ruler shapes are those who lack feminine curves. Their waistlines aren’t defined, and their chest and hip measurements are nearly the same. Their body shapes form a relatively straight appearance.

Think Keira Knightley! Following Keira’s outfits throughout the years, we can see that the key to dressing a “ruler” type is to proportionally dress the top and bottom while enhancing the waist. Dresses that cinch the waist or give the illusion of a smaller waist work with this type of body shape.

The Pear

Pear shapes are not uncommon to Filipina women—small waist, but with hips slightly wider than the chest. Among the bevy of pear-shaped style stars, let’s see how Maxene Magalona-Mananquil dresses up appropriately to look sleek and stylish.

Notice how she draws the eyes towards her smaller upper body by wearing lighter colored tops? That’s one basic tip pear-shaped ladies should never forget!

The Apple

If your hips are slightly smaller than your bust size, then you must be an Apple! Your waistline isn’t as defined as you wish, but you have amazing legs and arms. Have fun trying out silhouettes that don’t have traditionally structured waistlines.

Let’s take a look at how Bea Alonzo dresses, emphasizing her upper body’s beautiful assets.

Pauleen Luna-Sotto also dresses to draw attention up to her neckline and pretty face with v-necks.

Even Angelica Panganiban chooses to emphasize her gorgeous arms and legs with a button down romper.

The Hourglass

Hourglass figures are like pear shapes with nearly the same bust and hip measurements. The key here is to flaunt the lady curves, focusing on silhouettes that emphasize the most slender part of your frame.

Jessy Mendiola is top of mind as an hourglass, and her outfit choices frequently emphasize her tiny waist.

The Petite

Petites may have trouble finding the right outfits to dress themselves, since sky-high heels can only do so much. Kim Chiu embraces her slim figure and short stature with ensembles that fool us into thinking she’s taller than 5’3”.

With this pair of slim cut jeans that sit on the tiniest part of her waist, she looks amazing.

Her monochrome jumpsuit also give our eyes one long continuous outfit to look at, making her look tall.

Our takeaway

Balancing our perceived shapes and wearing outfits that hide our flaws and emphasize our favorite assets are key. Need some help balancing your proportions? Get your first StyleBox at P500 OFF with my code: STYLEMEUP.

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