Get effortlessly glamorous looks with the New York Chic Style Capsule

Have you ever had a dream to live in the big city and just be able to explore? To be a total New York gal with all its glamour from shopping down the 5th Avenue or dining in Madison Avenue. Or maybe get to experience seating on the Met steps like Blaire and Serena in Gossip Girl which contrary to popular belief, you actually can’t. Sometimes don’t you just wonder what life will be like if you were part of Manhattan’s elite. To have that carefree life with the outfits to match. It’s like New York Fashion Week every day for you.

But who says we can’t be as glamorous and chic as them right? Be the Blair Waldorf of this generation with our New Your Chic Style Capsule, with its sophistication and glam, you’ll be ready to take on the world, one high-heeled covered toe at a time.

This capsule is also perfect for your everyday office looks. Be as chic as ever and you’ll be effortlessly chic going down the hallways like it is your runway. With the versatility of these pieces, you can go from a normal day to the office to a girl’s night out. You’ll only ever need 10 pieces of clothing in your closet. Trust me.

Check out fashion blogger and social media celebrity Camille Co in her different New York Chic outfits! Camille Co in New York Chic Outfit5Camille Co in New York Chic Outfit4Camille Co in New York Chic Outfit3Camille Co in New York Chic Outfit2Camille Co in New York Chic Outfit1What are you waiting for? Cop these styles from Camille Co and be as effortlessly chic as her. Order your New York Chic Style Capsule now! All you need now is your confidence and your favorite designer bag to match.

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