Get fashion clues and style cues from fashion stylist Jhelo Cristobal!

The rise of #OOTD photography on social media made fashion more accessible to everyone. Having said that, fashion photography is one of the special skills of our featured stylist this month!

Jhelo Cristobal is a fashion stylist of professional models and rising stars including Valeen Montenegro, Gabbi Garcia and many more.

Jhelo, tell us something interesting about yourself. 

I’m a fashion stylist, photographer, and traveler. Also, not everyone knows that I grew up as a theatre actor!

Describe your style in 3 words. 


How did your career in styling start?

The opportunity to become a stylist came when I was doing my apprenticeship in fashion photography. I fell in love with the idea of helping other people to look their best. So, I pursued it and here I am!

What’s fulfilling about your job?

From formulating fashionable ideas to producing stylish looks, going through the whole process of styling is very fulfilling for me.

How about challenges?

Since a styling requires you to find trendy items at a given budget, this job challenges me to more resourceful.

We know that you're a photographer and you travel a lot. What's the best Instagrammable travel destination for you?

My biased answer would be Seoul, South Korea since I’ve been there more than 15 times already! LOL I love how they complement style and design. Everything is visually aesthetic that it makes you want to dress fashionably.

This month, we want our subscribers to learn some style cues and fashion clues. What's the fashion clue we need to learn in order to dress confidently? 

Get to know yourself first - body shape, size, and etc. It’s always important that you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing even if the trends change.

People actually have started coming out of their shell and took a leap from what's ordinary. Expressing oneself through style is the way to go!

What's the most important style cue we can take from you?

StyleGenie is the perfect solution to cure any style dilemmas. It helps people to express themselves even more. So, don’t be seek help or share your clothing woes when you create your profile on the website.

So, get ready for a month full of style magic. More surprises are coming your way!

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