Get #MesMYRRHized this November with our featured Stylist Myrrh Lao To

Have you ever been mesmerized with the looks of celebrities like Nadine Lustre, Angelica Panganiban, JM De Guzman, Moira Dela Torre, Barbie Imperial, Mariel Padilla and, KZ Tandingan? Well, we know why!

Our featured StyleGenie Myrrh Lao To shows us how he slayed the styling industry with his creativity, passion and, determination. From dealing with celebrity styling projects to managing a team of stylists, Myrrh always delivers exceptional work at a high-stressed environment.

His impressive styling portfolio can surely give you a daily dose of fashion and style inspiration.

Get to know more about Myrrh’s styling adventure through our exclusive interview with him!

Describe yourself in three words.

Observant. Frank. Fun!

What's your daily routine like?

Every day is different when you have a career in the styling industry. I’m never the routine-type of person - I just allot time in the morning to get updates from my team of stylists and respond to important messages.

What’s a busy day like?

Whenever there are multiple shoots scheduled in a day, I make it a point to visit all of them while getting feeds and updates from my team of head stylists - Carvey, Janra and, Zia. There are also days where I have a long day of meetings from one client to another and if time permits, I arrange huddle and planning sessions with my associates.

How did you start your styling career?

I started as a styling assistant in 2008 then worked as a freelance stylist in 2010 and the rest is history! I know building your own business from the ground up has quite a number of challenges so I would say that I have experienced every normal creative business owner would probably have to go through.

What are your milestones as a stylist?

There’s too many to mention but one can be when I was recognized as one of Asia’s top 10 stylists in 2013 by a Malaysian-based organization. It’s also a fulfillment for me when I was given the opportunity to work with celebrity A-listers and spearhead big styling projects such as Star Magic’s 25th-anniversary book in 2017. Furthermore, it’s a privilege for me to be an ambassador of local and international brands for their different advocacies.

Who was your first celebrity client?

Shaina Magdayao, Maricar Reyes and K Brosas in the late 2009 and early 2010.

What’s the clothing essential you can’t live without? 

A soft leather biker jacket! I bring it with me everyday especially when I travel and when I know I’m spending long hours in studios.

We were all #mesMYRRHized with your styling creations during the Star Magic Ball! How was the styling experience during this grand celebrity event?

Thank you - I would say it was 100% group effort! I worked with a team of highly creative and very passionate people who I’ve shared the happiness of staging a forest inside a hotel room with. My friends namely Geof Gonzales, Aram Loe and Darryl Recina of Rabbithole Creatives and Akong Gugma were the artistic minds behind the set design and floral forest setups. It was also a match made in heaven when we teamed up with a really talented production crew including videographer Fold Canela, movement director Eldzs Mejia, cinematographer Alendale Basilio and photographers Miguel Alomajan and Kenneth Tangonan.

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