Have a #HappyAprilFULL with stylist and model KC Cusi!

The heat is now in full swing as summertime is here! While we are excited to hit the beach or explore another country, KC Cusi joins the summer fun by being StyleGenie’s featured stylist for the month of April.

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On top of styling celebrity clients like Glaiza De Castro, Rhian Ramos and many more, KC is also modeling for different fashion brands. She’s definitely a fabulous catch! So you better be ready as KC will be curating the hottest fashion pieces that will make you slay this tropical season.

What's your fashion mantra? 

"The higher the heels, the closer to God". Haha!

What's the most common problem of your clients? 

The most common problem of clients is not feeling thin enough. They always want something that will flatter their body shape. Most of them are very conscious!

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What was the most successful styling project you've had? 

The most successful styling project would have to be Glaiza De Castro’s first concert for I was tasked and given the freedom to select the wardrobe that would best suit the vibe of the event. It was a learning experience for me at the same time as I was able to research and study for pegs under time pressure. The whole experience was challenging but very fulfilling as the concert was victorious.

Why do you love styling people? 

I love styling people because it’s such a joy to see my clients happy whenever I do my job right. My styling services boosts their self-confidence and that makes my job really exciting.

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What's the fun part of your job? 

The fun part of my job is that i get to meet different people everyday with distinct styles and disparate needs. Nothing is really stagnant in this field of work: every experience is remarkable.

Aside from styling people, do you have any other talent/s? 

Aside from styling, I also do modeling for various fashion brands. I've always wanted to live the "model life" where people dress you up, make you pretty and take pictures of you. Who doesn't want that, right?

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If you were a celebrity, you would be? 

If i we're a celebrity i would definitely be Kendall Jenner. Yeah. Im one of those who wants the "Kardashian life" and yes you know what i mean by the "Kardashian life”.

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What's your fashion mission for your StyleGenie clients?

This summer season, it’s my mission to help every girl discover and find confidence in their personal style!

Every summer has its own story! And it’s your job to make it fashionably memorable this time around. Don’t forget to order a box at today and we’ll take care of your closet wishes.

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