How to put color in your closet

It’s interesting to know that color really does influence one’s emotions. It was said in a study that colors can create hard or soft feelings just by changing the saturation or brightness of a color. “They have a subterranean consequence on how people feel both psychologically and physically.” No wonder red was always associated with rage and yellow for happiness.

Imagine if there was no color in the world, everything would just look lifeless. Everything would just look and feel dull. Color is a wonder that can make you feel in an instant whether it’s seeing the oceans calm you or the excitement that you feel seeing the red curtains in the theater. It’s something you can look forward to each day. Seeing the sun shine and the blue skies. Doesn’t it just brighten your morning and give you that confidence you need to get through the day when you need it? There’s something great about it that can really change your mood when you see certain colors.

Colors are a great way to brighten your day and maybe, just maybe, color is the missing piece that your closet needs. Let StyleGenie help you in finding the perfect color to add to your closet!

1. Pop of color

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A black or white outfit is great and all but don’t you think it would be great too with just a bit of color to it? You can wear red shoes to go with your all-white ensemble or have an orange bag to go with it. You can also opt to complete your look with a green blazer to have that dressier look and you are good to go! Just a little bit of color can brighten up your day.

2. Pastel look

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Soft tones are always the safest bet. If you’re not yet confident to wear such bright clothing why not opt for something of a softer edge. Maybe pair a pastel tee with gray slacks for the guys or a pastel pink dress for the girls. It will be a great casual look for a date or even for the office. 3. Monochromatic look

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Are you up for the challenge of a monochromatic look? You just choose one color and revolve around it! It doesn’t have to be exactly the same shade of blues or reds. If you think it matches then you are good to go! Don’t be afraid to try it. What’s there to lose? A monochromatic look can really give you the confidence you need and be extra bright for the day.

4. Two-toned look

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You’ll never know how fun it is to mix and match color until you try it. Why not mix two of your favorite colors in one outfit. It is twice the fun for a great look. You might think that two colors might be clashing but if you choose your colors right, the contrast will do wonders. Just a tip that colors that are in the same level usually match just like how red, blue and yellow are good together because they’re all primary colors.

Will all the inspirations at hand, why not try it for yourself and discover how color can change your life! Don’t forget that a little bit of color won’t hurt you.

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