How to Wear the Normcore Trend

Inspired by early ‘90s fashion, this trend slowly made its way from our Instagram feeds to Paris fashion week runways. But what is the “normcore” trend, really? Basically, it’s a trend that desires to be plain and relaxed yet stylish. Here’s how you can copy this trend with four essential pieces:


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Absolutely no bright and bold colors allowed. Your OOTDs need to stick to neutral colors like black, white, beige, and gray. As long as these colors are in your palette, you’re doing it right.


Comfort is the number one priority in the normcore trend (Finally! Am I right, ladies?). It’s time to bust out your dad’s button-downs (plus points if it’s really from the ‘90s) and pair it with classic fit jeans!


Who knew that your parents hoarding-I mean, safekeeping their old clothes can actually be put to good use! Pair these with a loose top and you’re good to go!


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Nothing says “effortless” more than your trusty white sneakers. May it be your old Chuck Taylors or your off-the-shelf Stan Smiths, your normcore ensemble isn’t really complete without them!

We hope that this article helped you shine a little light on this fashion trend and if you need any more help, our genies are always here to help you! Order your first StyleBox today and use my code: ILOVESHERIKA to get an awesome discount!

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