10 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

24 hours is not enough to do everything in a day, so the last thing you want to do is worry about accidental smudges and wrinkles. These quick fixes will make your life much easier and save you so much time to do other things!


This is the perfect hack for plunging necklines! Sometimes our girls just need a little help in the cleavage department, and bras are almost impossible to wear with such a low cut. To give yourself a lift without the help of a bra, use the tape hack! First, cover your girls with a silicon nipple covers. Then, cup one of your girls, lift them up, and tape both sides. Lastly, try on your top to make sure that everything is hidden underneath, and you’re all set. Now rock that low cut without a worry!


In case you’re too lazy or don’t have time to pull out an iron, use these simple hacks to de-wrinkle a shirt!


If you have a stuck zipper, use Vaseline; by greasing up the zipper, you’ll make it easier to undo.


To stretch or break into new shoes easily, try these 3 hacks. The first trick is to wet the inside of the shoe with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, then wear them around, and they should stretch! An easy way to break into shoes is to put on a pair of thick socks and put on your shoes. Blow-dry your feet and the heat will stretch out your shoes. If you’re worried about the toe box being too tight, placing water inside of them and putting them in the freezer overnight will expand them so they fit perfectly.



If you’re like me and hate trying on jeans in the fitting room, this hack will save you the trouble of doing so! Try to wrap the ends of the waistband around your neck. If you can do it easily with new jeans, then it perfectly fit for you. You can also try measuring the waist size with a bent arm. Jeans will fit you perfectly if it fit on your bent arm (from elbow to fist).


This is for my girls who accidentally get foundation on their shirts! Use shaving cream to remove makeup stains.


To remove mascara smudges on a shirt or pillowcase, treat the spot with liquid dish soap and wash.


If your sunglasses’ arms a little loose, dab some nail polish on the hinge until you can get to a tiny screwdriver.



If you have a tricky zipper, lock a keyring through it, and hook it to your button, and it’s simple as that!



If you accidentally get deodorant on your shirt, use the spongy foam from a dry-cleaning hanger to rub away antiperspirant residue. It really works!


Instead of feeling defeated and frantically looking for other pieces to change into, save yourself the trouble with these tips! I hope you all try these hacks out and see for yourself how easy and useful they are. And if you're interested in using some of these tips on your first box, use my code 'NGHI4SG' for 10% off. Shazuums! 

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