Move your style forward with fashion stylist Cess Tan!

Another season has arrived.
A new set of wardrobe to wear.
As we celebrate pride month this June, it’s about time to take your style game to the next level.
Our featured stylist this month is ready to take on this challenge with you. So, move your style forward with fashion stylist Cess Tan!

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Cess’ love for styling started when she had an online journal back in 2014. This hobby became her passion when she entered a fashion school. Through perseverance, she was able to take on different projects, including fashion editorials, brand catalogs, and event styling, while being in school.

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Cess, tell us something interesting about yourself.

Cess: I used to be a fashion blogger but I stopped when I started my career in the styling industry. I’m workaholic and I spend most of my time reading fashion-related stories.


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How did you start your styling career?

Cess: It all started with my lifestyle blog in 2014! My passion for fashion writing and love for styling motivated me to enroll in School of Fashion and Arts. Little did I know that this would be the turning point in my life where I’d really pursue my styling career. With the help of my mentor who’s also the fashion editor of Metro Magazine, I was able to assist in some styling projects. These opportunities have allowed me to to experiment, learn and grow.

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This June is about moving forward. With the milestones you've achieved at a young age, how do you move forward to reach other goals/dreams in life? 

Cess: Time management, hard work, and patience. Everyday, I strive harder to balance and accomplish the things that need to be done as a college student, freelance stylist, friend, a daughter. Focus is key to achieve my goals all at once.

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What's the most challenging part of your job? 

Cess: Honestly, it’s staying driven amidst the uncertainties. And in trying times when self-doubt is inevitable, de-stressing convo with friends and a dose of inspirational reads get me back on track.

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How can our subscribers move their style forward this month?

Cess: Don’t be afraid to experiment with your wardrobe! How you carry your clothes will always matter so always wear what’s comfortable for you.

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What's one fashion item you can't live without?

Cess: I live for comfy high-waist fitted jeans because it’s easy to pair with, and can compliment any body type.

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Since the June is the start of the rainy season, what are the top 3 fashion essentials we should take note of?

Cess: To survive the rainy season in style, you need the following: 

1. Sneakers or boots made of the glossy material is such an essential esp when a flood arises

2. Windbreaker will also be useful in this bi-polar weather

3. A leather bag to keep you stylish yet your items are waterproofed!

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Don’t miss out the fun festivities this June! Get styled now.

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