Red-dy for the Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year is a well-loved holiday popularly characterized by dragon dances to shoo away bad spirits and lantern festivals to celebrate family. We celebrate the Year of the Dog this 2018. The Dog is well-known to be fiercely loyal and honest, so have fun this celebrating your strong relationships with loved ones!

Wear a fashion-forward bright red outfit that will surely attract good luck and fortune during your celebrations! Feel inspired with these show-stopping looks:

A Casual Celebration 

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Laid-back celebration with friends and family? Take your favorite casual outfit up a notch by accessorizing with pops of red!

Flirty Festival

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Socialize and have fun in a feminine number! Wear a maxi dress to your brunch out so you feel cute yet still comfortable.

Power Suit

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Attract fortune in a commanding power suit perfect for the ultimate boss babe! Go all the way with a red lip and red shoes to secure your good luck in business.

Sophisticated Soiree

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Come in a striking red party dress that’s sure to attract love and positive energy. Cap off the look with a coordinating handbag and shoes and party the night away!

Ring in the new lunar year with StyleGenie. Let us know what look you’re going for as you order a StyleBox that’s suited to your Chinese celebrations.

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