Some Street Style Lovin’ With These Filipino Celebrities

It’s amazing how fashion evolves from one decade to another and how high-end fashion designers get inspiration from authoritative sources that foretell an upcoming trend. In the past, new designs are trickled down to the masses to be copied by anyone who can afford them, but the game has changed since then. Designers now get their cue from the youth culture at the grassroots level - from the streets to be exact. The streets have now become the fashion runway of people from all walks of life; anyone can make a fashion statement to own, and designers have recognized this shift in perspective.

Thus, our everyday streets gave birth to this refreshing and eclectic fashion category - street style fashion. Street style fashion is anything but boring because it encompasses a wide range of styles. It can be a statement inspired by the music culture, art, underground club scene, etc. Anyone can pull off a head-to-toe street style ensemble.

StyleGenie rounded up these Filipino celebrities who brought street style fashion to the limelight. Let’s take a hot lead from them as we plan our eye-catching looks for our everyday #OOTD.

1. Color Play

You’ll definitely be a head turner as onlookers see this moving blob of color before their eyes. Dare to do color blocking with bright hues and cast away all gloom with a shimmering bomber jacket, a statement piece like a color blocked cape, pops of color like a belt bag tied at your waist, or bright socks to make your white kicks stand out. Highlighter hues also do the trick. You can even do the unexpected color combinations just to add a bit of smile on a mundane day. Take your pick on how Vice Ganda, Kim Chiu, and Laureen Uy brightened up their backdrop with vibrant hues.

If color is too much for you, you can notch it down with tonal looks - same color from top to bottom like how our Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, did it, along with Maxene Magalona.

2. Better by Design

Catch people’s attention with suits and co-ords in the same graphic pattern and color family. Look at how host and eventologist, Tim Yap, gets our attention with whimsical graphic patterns that reflect an impeccable sartorial ingenuity. It’s no wonder fashion magazines hail him as one of the best dressed men. Tim Yap defines dapper in street style fashion.

We, ladies, can turn to stylist and fashion guru, Liz Uy, for some style inspo on how to be effortlessly fashion forward with patterns and look like we just stepped out from one of the pages of a fashion mag. Let’s not forget her sister, Laureen Uy, who looks just as fab as her sister in this street style game.

3. Some Denim Blues

It ain’t street style without our good ol’ denims. We just can’t get enough of Kim Chiu and Liz Uy as they prove to us how denims fit like a glove. Nadine Lustre, Maxene Magalona, Sue Ramirez, and Laureen Uy have their denim game on lock combined with a comfortable layer underneath it.

4. Street Style Layering

The fundamental layering fashion hack is also very much present in street style fashion. Choose a chunky scarf, oversized blazer, and long coats paired with slim out pants, skinny jeans, tapered pants, or stretched chino to create a balance in silhouette. And again, Liz Uy and Maxene Magalona show us how to do layering even with our eyes shut.

5. Sweet White Kicks

Navigate your way along streets and alleys with a pair of white kicks which you can easily match with any get up you have. White kicks are as comfortable as an old shoe. You can also grab yourself a pair of grandpa sneakers to ramp up your fashion game.

6. Hypebeast / Hypebae

Hypebeast / Hypebae is an online clothing store created by Kevin Ma in 2005. It sources the latest and limited edition kicks that go well with an overall matching ensemble that is usually in the colors white, black, and bright hues. Different high-end brands offer a limited edition of their fashion line which caters to the hypebeast / hypebae lifestyle. Check out how our celebrities flaunt their Hypebeast and Hypebae fashion style with Tim Yap, Vice Ganda, Zeus Collins, Enrique Gil, and Laureen Uy leading the pack.

Street style fashion offers a myriad of stimulating stories that jive well with the ever-changing motifs and concepts seen in everyday life. Be lit in this dynamic style by using my code AZA4SG to get that Php500 discount on your first StyleBox. Shazuums!

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