Stand out this Summer with Fashion and Celebrity Stylist Sancho Bernardo

The sand and sun, summer has begun! Have you shopped for your beach & travel outfits already?

No worries, girlfriend. You can relax, chill and leave your shopping worries to us!

Fashion and celebrity stylist Sancho Bernardo, our featured style expert this April, will help you stand out from the crowd this season.

Aside from being a stylist, Sancho also works as the head fashion editor for BRAND Magazine. With his humble beginnings and accomplishments, he was able to work on famous brand and style celebrity clients like NINA, Shaira Diaz, Valerie Weigmann, Chienna Filomeno, Elise Joson and many more.

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Sancho, tell us something interesting about yourself. 

My real name is John Rodrigo Bernardo and my brand name “SANCHO” was born when I was in a marketing class at School of Fashion and the Arts. SANCHO was given by my late grandmother and it was really supposed to be my name even before I entered this world. This brand name is one of the things I’m happy with because it’s catchy and easy-to-remember.

How did you start your styling career?

My career as a stylist started when I took a short course at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. It was a challenging journey at the beginning because I needed to familiarize myself with the people and learn the best practices in the industry. Fortunately, with the countless photo shoots and wardrobe pullouts from designers and brands, I was able to train and drive myself in producing an exceptional outcome for various projects and collaborations. And in less than 8 months of being the business, all the hard work and sleepless nights paid off as I was offered a styling job for a famous local shoe brand. I really happy beyond words when my works were shown in print publications, billboard, and commercials.

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What do you love about your job? 

I feel blessed to have a styling job because I live and breathe fashion. Whenever I’m tired at work, I always look back on my works that have inspired many for it makes me appreciate my job even more.

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With your really versatile background, how do you balance life and work?

Work and play! Never forget to pamper yourself after working so hard. You’re human and you need to recharge. A little treat for yourself wouldn’t hurt.

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What style advise can you give for the ladies to stand out from the crowd this summer? 

You can start by wearing comfortable yet stylish clothes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces from your wardrobe. And lastly, confidence is key. As long as you feel good about yourself, everything else will follow.

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Do you have a favorite celebrity client?

There are a handful of celebrities I really love but NINA, the soul siren, would have to be my favorite. Styling her was a big dream for me and this why I gave my instant yes when her handler inquired about my service. It’s always fun working with her because she has a kind and lovely soul. 

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