Staple Pieces According to Liz Uy

More times than often, we have that dress or top that we’re going to wear on special occasions but end up sitting at the back of the closet for a year. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this fashion sin. However, celebrity stylist Liz Uy has figured out the secret recipe for looking fab all the time without sacrificing extra closet space! Here are five must-have pieces every girl should have according to Liz:

Ditch the sleeve

You can never go wrong with a sleeveless piece. Living in the Philippines, the heat should definitely be accounted for when thinking of your OOTDs. With that, a go-to sleeveless piece can save you from the hassle of sweat and unwanted tan lines!

Sugar coat it!

The cold “ber months” are here. However you want to see it, a versatile coat comes in handy when it gets chilly outside!

Signature sunnies

These babies have been making a comeback from the ‘80s! And honestly, we’re not mad! Wear them in your favorite shade indoors or outdoors. We all know we need to see the world in rose-colored glasses every once in a while.

Classic whites

Liz likes her whites in many forms. She was even spotted wearing white boots in her recent travels! However you want to rock it, you can never go wrong with white kicks to complete your outfit.

It’s in the bag

Lastly, you need a portable best friend to keep all your necessities! Make a statement and go as bold as you want. Plus, a unique purse can be a great conversation starter :)

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