Style tips and tricks from your StyleGenie Riah Lopez!

Casual yet elegant, the words that you can describe Riah’s style in three words. Meet one of our in-house stylists who has been granting some of your style wishes. 

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Riah Lopez is our fun-loving stylist who loves food and fashion. Fun Fact: She was a Ride Revolution rider before! From cycling to styling, get to know more about your StyleGenie this month.

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Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I can pick up things with my long toes, they’re almost like fingers! I can (also) go out of the house with wrinkled clothes but still look good in them ;) Riah Lopez 1

What encouraged you to be a StyleGenie?

From joining fashion designing contests to researching on clothing production, I have been exploring my career options in the clothing and fashion industry since last year. I suddenly stumbled upon StyleGenie - its novel concept positively stimulated my curiosity! I made an opportunity for myself by applying as a stylist even though there was no job opening. Riah Lopez 2

Who’s your favorite fashion icon? 

I don’t have a specific style icon because my personal style is very unique. Although, I adore the fashion aesthetic of famous personalities like Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Danielle Cathari, Alexander Wang for street style and for a more sophisticated style, Kate Middleton, and Chanel. I like them because I tend to mix streetwear pieces with sophisticated pieces to achieve the casual yet elegant look that I love. What’s the clothing essential you can’t live without? I definitely can’t live without would be high-waist jeans! What do you love about styling? I love how it’s challenging and exciting in a way that I can incorporate my personal style to help other people discover their own. Riah Lopez 3

#StyleTricks you can share with subscribers if they want to look tall or slim?

To look tall and slim, I definitely recommend wearing clothes with vertical stripes! Co-ord pieces can also help you achieve the slender look especially if they fit you well. Wearing a longer top is the key to elongate your torso while sporting a high-waist top is the trick to elongate your lower body. Riah Lopez 5

#StyleTips you can give to our subscribers who are finding their personal style?

Just explore! Do not be afraid to try on new pieces and mix them with your usual wardrobe. You’ll eventually achieve the look that you’ll feel great in. Or, just let us know the look that you would like to achieve and we can definitely help you out. 

Together with Riah, let StyleGenie create the perfect look for you that fits all your style wishes!

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