Get Outfit Inspirations From StyleGenie's Pinterest Boards!

Creating the perfect outfit in your head can be a woman’s biggest daily challenge. To simplify your daily dilemma, StyleGenie created a Pinterest page to inspire your wardrobe decisions.

During the StyleGenie quiz, you are to select the categories of clothing you wear most often. I find it difficult to sum up my style into a few small categories. I like a variety of styles and am always looking to try out a new look. If you can relate, you should check out our Pinterest where we have provided examples of our style personas and inspirations for your next closet wishes!

From outfit inspiration to travel tips, our Pinterest page has it all. We have incorporated boards for every type of style. Our style personalities consist of the following: Normcore, GirlBoss, Athleisure, Hubadera, Romantic, KPop, Festival Fashion, and Rocker Chic.

Traditionally known as “the unisex fashion”. I like to think of it as street style or casual clothing you would wear day to day with an added splash of style. Simple, comfortable and trendy.

All you working women can relate to this one. Add trendy chic to Business casual or business professional and BAM! have GIRLBOSS. Style in command.

A personal favorite. Athleisure represents clothing worn from the gym to the streets. It stands for all things comfort from your morning yoga class to your afternoon errands to maybe even your airport attire of choice.

Where shy meets sultry. For those who don’t mind showing off a little extra skin, the Hubadera style is for you. Think lace, open backs, deep v, and spaghetti straps. Perfect for those hot days and evenings.

Sweet details and girly prints. Think flowy sleeves, floral patterns, and all things dainty and feminine. If spring could be a style, it would be this one.

Your modern Korean fashion. Bubbly pastels with a touch of symmetry. Darling pleated skirts in light pink and baby blue. The vibe it gives is simple but well stated.

For the summer queen looking to dress the musical occasion. White lace, ripped denim, fringe, psychedelic patterns, and layers of jewelry.

Daring, Black, & always Bold. Think leather jackets, miniskirts, and converse with fishnets. This trend is my spirit animal. Always down to wear something risky, ripped, and rockin’.

Are you a Pinterest user? Now you can actually get access to the styles and clothes that you pin! Next time you order a Surprise-Me Box, check out our Pinterest boards before filling out the Style Quiz. Upload it on the OOTD wish section, and voila! We'll grant your closet wish.

Don’t forget to enter in my code chloe4sg  upon checkout to receive 10% off your first order. Shazuums!

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