#StyleGenieApproves these Double Tap-worthy Swimsuits

These fashionable swimwears will surely fire up your summer. 


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We’ve been seeing a lot of stripes and one piece combinations at the beach this season and we are absolutely living for it! Horizontal lines actually help create a slim illusion for the female body so if you’re not 100% confident with your beach body, don a striped Maillot and you’re good to go, doll!


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Another great way to proportionate that beautiful body of yours is to add layers. We know what you’re thinking: “Layers? At the beach? You must have spent too much time under the sun.” But the bikini gods have made a way to do this and thank heavens they did! This year, swimsuits with ruffle details have made waves, especially for petite girls since they add curves to the female silhouette.


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Another trend we’ve been seeing is the addition of crisscross details. Originally seen on two-piece swimsuits, this detail has been added to one piece swimsuits recently. Pro tip: This is another way to give a sexy vibe without actually having to show off a lot of skin!

Tangga Cut

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First seen during the 80s, the tangga cut is making a comeback this year. Not in the gym, but at the beach! This classic cut works best for girls with wide hips--perfect for showing off that gorgeous shape.

Sideboob One-Piece

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Last but not the least, we absolutely love the sideboob trend! (#sideboobsrule) Often seen on plain one-piece swimsuits, its low cuts on the sides and at the back is a sexy surprise that catches just the right amount of attention without trying too hard.


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And if you haven’t heard yet, Skinni and StyleGenie partnered up this summer to bring women like you hot summer vibes while promoting body positivity! We adore how the X-shaped bikini fits on your voluptuous body. Get this and more on their website: 

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