Swimsuits That Flatter Your Body Type

The atrocious heat in the metro is probably draining you off your energy and sanity right now. So when the weather gets too hot and sticky in the city, it’s time to cool off and unwind at the beach to get also that much-needed dose of vitamin sea. After all, beach is life!

However, what most of you probably fret about is finding that perfect swimsuit that best flatters your body type You want to, of course, look crazy hot on the beach.

StyleGenie’s got you covered on this one, ladies. Be your sexiest self as you get that sun-kissed glow with the scent of the sea on your hair. Let’s take a look at swimsuits that flatter your body type.


Embrace all your natural curves with high-waist bottoms or tankini style suits to iron out the mid-section of your bod. Look hot in swimsuits with some shirrings to define your waistline even more. Grab some surplice-wrap to help trim your waist a bit with its crossover fabric. Enhance your lower abdomen by scouting for a retro-inspired design or high-waist suit. Whatever cut you choose, make sure to flaunt your frame on the shores like you own it.


As the rapper, Sir Mix-a-Lot, once rapped, “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” He certainly ain’t lying because having that curvy behind is indeed flattering to have. Just look at how Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce, among others, strut their stuff both on and off cam. Show off those bums in a hipster boy shorts or some high-cut bottoms if you want to trim your generous behind.


You love working out and sculpting those muscles, so go ahead and strut your stuff in tops and bottoms in bold prints. You can also have those suits with some ruffles, embellishments, or ruches to add a bit of curve at the top and bottom. You definitely ace those monokinis because they show off your defined frame. Grab some maillot if you want to enhance your chest. Barely-there bikini bottoms give you a fuller and curvier tushy while tie-side bikinis enhance your curves and can be easily adjusted to fit your body.


Think Jessica Rabbit or a classic bombshell like Marilyn Monroe who’s gifted at the bust, has full-round hips, and perfectly defined waistline. Classic bikinis that come in bra style top with underwire are your best friends to give support to your bust. Go get yourself some asymmetrical suits that highlight your neckline to your collarbone. Color blocking and boxy halters work well to emphasize your shape even more while high waist bottoms help elongate your legs to create the illusion of height.


Sofia Vergara and Brooklyn Decker are just two of your soul sisters in being well-endowed on the top. Get your hands on some stretchy swimsuits for that much-needed support. Pick tops in bra sizes with thick adjustable straps and underwire to hold your jewels in place. Molded cups and higher backs keep everything safe while providing a flattering fit. Stay away from suits with ruffles and embellishments to zoom out the focus on your chest.


The great thing about having a small bust is that you’d require less support on top. Feel flirty with embellished detailing, ruffles, and bold prints and patterns that make you look like you have a bigger chest. Triangle tops are your best bet to create the illusion of curves. You can also pick some padded push-up tops for that extra “oomph.” The best thing about having a small chest is that bandeaus really look awesome on you.


You’re curvy at the hips but small on the chest. The key to getting that beach-ready bod is to balance out your proportions with enough coverage for your hips. Look for bottoms that fall just below the largest parts of your leg. Plunging necklines and some eye-catching tops draw the attention upward. Bandeaus with ruffles give that much needed extra dimension to your bust. Boy shorts and thick banded bottoms are your worst enemies because they highlight your hips even more.

Live a carefree lifestyle. Get a tan. Surf. Party and have fun with friends as you hit the waves whether in a full clad or barely-there bikini. The important thing is that you feel confident in strutting your sexy self.

Be hotter than the rising temperature of the summer season. Grab that perfect swimwear and match it with the stylish summer apparel. Our genies are ready to help you flaunt that best summer looks.

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