The Latex Trend

Hailing from its long history of bedroom fashion, the latex trend has been slowly making its way to trendsetters’ stylish feeds. Here are some of StyleGenie’s picks on how to rock this look:

Slaying those leggings

Pair this edgy piece with a white button-down and you’re outfit is all set for a day-to-night itinerary! Feel free to add leather jacket to complement your pants!

Boo’t Up

These might be a hard find but definitely worth it -- especially with the cold weather breezing in! Get them in thigh highs or cute boot cuts and pair them with a short dress to make your OOTD complete!

Playing Dress Up

A rather risky alternative when it comes to this trend, the latex dress works well when styled properly. Rather than going for the obvious “sexy” path, make a bolder statement by opting for a dress that has feminine touches to it!


Who says athleisure and latex don’t go together? We beg to differ! Break the rules even more by going for a colored piece instead of the classic black and pair it with your favorite sunnies!

If it’s a top, it can crop

Lastly, who doesn’t love a sexy latex top? Don it with a skirt or your favorite pants and you’re ready for a fun night out with the girls!

No matter what your pick among these are, we’d love to help you find the perfect piece that matches your style by signing up and ordering a StyleBox now! Give yourself a little treat and save P500 when you use my code: ILOVESHERIKA when you checkout. 

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