The Sneaker Trend: Comfort Meets Style

Don’t you just love wearing sneakers? You can literally wear them anywhere and pair it with anything! It’s the go-to shoes for its comfort and versatility. If you have some apprehensions to buying the sneakers you’ve been eyeing, or you just want to have some outfit inspirations to pair up with your sneakers, then here are some looks that might help you find the look for you!


If you think it’s impossible to wear sneakers with a classy outfit, well think again! You don’t have to endure the pain of wearing heels going out to class up your outfit. Wearing a dressy blouse or a blazer with your sneakers can class up your look. You can also wear you’re your favorite jewelry to complete it.


I supposed wearing sandals with dresses are cute but sneakers are the best contrast to a girly dress. Don’t you just think that a good pair of sneakers gives a look the right balance?

Denim all day

You know that denim and sneakers make the best pair of all. They are very comfortable to wear and a great outfit for travelling or just hanging out with your friends. It’s always a great casual look. You could also go for an all-denim look with your sneakers. It will give it that monochrome vibe.


Streetwear has been very rampant nowadays! Especially paired with the all too famous chunky sneakers. It’s really something to invest in if you love looking tall without the hassle of wearing heels. It’s also great for any look! If you really want the whole streetwear vibe, you can just wear a pair of joggers, shirt, bucket hat and sneakers and you are all set!

There’s just something great about sneakers. They’re just so easy to style! The most important thing about styling it is to have fun and be confident in what you wear.

If you want to experiment with your style, why don’t you try and ask StyleGenie for help? I’m sure you won’t regret it and you’ll be able to pair up your clothes with no hassle!

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