Twinning style tips for you and your best friend

It’s Best Friends Day! It’s time to appreciate that one special person who have been there through the good and tough times.

In celebration of friendship, here are some style tips on how you can effortlessly match outfits with your BFF. These are complementing trendy outfits that give a certain charm when dressed because gone are the days that twinning should be two people wearing the same outfit.

Matchy Coordinates

Go for coordinates that match the both of you because head-to-toe uniform is so last year. You can have the same outfit structure but make sure that there will still be a unique piece on your choice of clothes.

Colour Blend

Show off clothes with complementing colour palette. Sharing the similar color motif unifies your outfit together.

Bomber Jackets

Slay the streets with your best friend wearing ultra-cool jackets. Pairing it with maong pants, cropped top and sneakers will make it extra.

Friendship Jewel

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Wear matching accessories signifying your friendship to keep it subtle yet stylish. You can always incorporate these into any wardrobe you choose to wear.

It’s true what they say - Friendship never goes out of style. So, share the gift of style with your BFF today! Order a StyleBox now.

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