We Need to Talk About Miley Cyrus' White Outfits in Her 'Malibu' Music Video

Miley Cyrus is back and better than ever! She recently made her comeback when she released hit single ‘Malibu’ as part of her sixth upcoming album.

If you’ve seen the music video for the lead single 'Malibu', then you have probably noticed Miley running about in white lacy garments from swimwear to sweaters. Since the video’s release, Miley has performed her new love song wearing various combinations of white.

I would consider myself an enthusiast of simple, monochromatic outfits when it comes to style preference. To be frank, I tend to wear a lot of black, white, tan, and a variety of earthtone textiles. It wasn’t until after I first viewed the ‘Malibu’ music video that it occurred to me how much I appreciate an entirely white ensemble.

Miley is rocking out at the Billboards Music Awards in an off-the-shoulder white crop top paired with white cutoff jeans, a white cowboy hat, and a white belt. Is it just me or are you just as obsessed as I am?

A few days ago on the “Today Show”, Miley performed 'Malibu' in another all white duo. She is killing the outfit game!

I am so in love with this look I created an inspiration collage of potential all white outfits that you will find below. You can never go wrong with white! It goes with everything and is appropriate for any and every occasion. When the weather is cold, you can pull off white skinny jeans with an oversized off-the-shoulder white sweater, and for sunny summers, especially here in the Philippines, a white crop top with a white denim mini skirt is my go-to combo. The options are endless!

If you like this trend as much as I do, be sure to add it to the free text field when creating your Style Profile on StyleGenie!  If you enter in my discount code upon checkout- chloe4sg - you will receive 10% off any order!

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