What Style Makes You Happy?


Sometimes, we need to enjoy and chill our minds from the massive loads of work we take on every day. There are girls who find comfort through food, sleep and party, but there are also a few of us who find relief through the clothes that we wear.

We put these clothes on not to brag but for us to feel confident about ourselves. Some of the clothing we wish to see in our wardrobes require a lot of money, effort and time. And not all of us can invest on these obsessions, especially those who are stuck with piles of work. For those who find it difficult to mix and match their outfits and to distinguish what type of clothes that suits you, here are some personality styles perfect for you:

  • Denim Everyday

  • Denim Everyday is the type of clothing ideal for street style look. For girls who love to hang out with friends along the alleys and streets, this is you. The beauty about denim is it can be worn in a million different ways – it may be in shorts, jeans, skirts or jacket. Denim Everyday is the perfect set of clothes for girls who wants to look simple and cool. This type of clothing gives you the not-so-underdressed-nor-overdressed-vibe.

    Of course, for those who wants to achieve the bluish – grunge on their instagram feed, this is the kind of #OOTD you need.

    Pink & Pastel

    You may be tan, fair or dark, but guess what? Pastel colored clothes can be your best friend! These clothes do not only look cute and lovely, it also helps us feel relaxed because of how soothing they are to the eyes (especially now that we need to stand the last of the summer heat) Pink & Pastel are beautifully worn whether if you are up for a long walk at the beach or simply if you want to walk your dog on the park.

    For girls who wish to have cute – aesthetic look on their photos and feed, Pink & Pastel is the type of clothing you need.

    Black & White

    Black & White clothes have become one of the fashion trends since the early years up until now. Wearing black and white clothing means never worrying about matching. It can be worn with any type and any color of shoes.

    This is perfect for any Instagrammer aiming for a clean and good looking #OOTD feed. The legendary Black and White – wherever you go, you are always on style.

    Whatever fashion trend you choose, always remember to pick the style that makes you feel beautiful and confident. You also have to keep in mind that you dress up not for other people, but for yourself.

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